Friendship Club: Talk, Connect, and Gain

  • Interact with at least two people.
  • Have talks that last 8 to 10 minutes.
  • Send us your Friendship Club feedback report.
  • Get match alerts every 24 hours.
  • Three age groups: 23–35, 36–45, and 46–55.
  • Every Friendship Club event gives you a chance to meet new people.
  • Matchmaking based on age is a smart way to find someone who fits your needs.
  • The Friendship Club meets in well-known places in your city.

Friendship Sites in Bangalore


Feel the excitement of meeting new people at Desire Date Speed Dating, where it’s easy and fun to find your right match. Book a ticket for yourself and fill out the online application form to start your trip. We learn more about your tastes and what you want in a match through this process. Our matchmakers pay close attention to your ideal match factors and carefully record your tastes to make sure you find a good match.

After you sign up, we do a normal security check to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable. Then the real fun starts when we send you the plan for your date evening, which will take place in a well-known place in your city. This special evening is meant to be just right for a romantic moment.

On the Date-Evening, our speed dating staff will give you information about your appointment and a short story about your match. You’ll have eight to ten minutes to talk and see if something clicks. This amount of time is just right to see if you click with someone. Please feel a bond! If not, you can always look forward to the next Date-Evening.

Our team will get your opinion after your mini-date. We’ll let you know in 24 hours if there’s a match between us both. If you and your date both say you’re interested, we’ll help you share contact information so you can move things forward. Desire Date Speed Dating is all about meeting interesting people in a fun and casual way. Why wait, then? Get your ticket today and begin your search for love!

Meet - Talk - Desire Date!


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