“Once in a while, right in the middle of ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.” – J. B. Jeffrey Imagine you are given 10 magical minutes to meet someone you never knew before, someone who could become your soul mate for life, someone who could become your true friend forever and the best companion you could ever get. Wondering how all that could be possible in just 10 minutes? Well, precisely this is why we called it ’10 magical minutes’! Because miracles happen in a flash, on the spur of the moment… when you aren’t really expecting them, right? Desire Date strives to bring that miracle to your life. Yes, Desire Date strives to make those 10 minutes of speed dating totally magical for you. If you look at it, speed dating is like a small meal… an experimental meal of romance. It comes with excitement and leaves a sense of satisfaction. Excitement of having tried something new that could become your favorite for life. And a sense of satisfaction for being open enough to experiment in a chase to reach a dish that would excite your taste buds. At Desire Date , we endeavor to ease out the process for you by walking through it along with you until you finally meet that someone special who would make that meal all the more delectable for you… for life! Excited, aren’t you? Well, so are we! Desire Date Speed Dating events come with a simple and quick process. All you have to do is book a ticket for yourself, register online and that’s it! You are all set to meet individuals picked categorically keeping your preferences, suggestions and future aspirations into consideration. On that note, we would be glad to introduce two of our amazing concepts to help you find the perfect person for you – First Date Salsa and Tipsy Saturday. First Date Salsa is all about matching footsteps with your date and indulging in chit-chats at a heartwarming venue. The thought of grooving to spicy salsa beats while chatting with your date is indeed thrilling, isn’t it? On the other hand, Tipsy Saturday has been designed to replace your quiet weekends with delightful candlelit dinners, moonlit dances, long romantic walks and everything else straight out of a fairy tale. Can’t keep calm after knowing it all, can you? We knew the effect would be intoxicating, and you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from getting on board to unfold your love story almost immediately. Register free and unfold a new beginning!


What is love? Well, your definition of love would be different from that of ours. Everyone has their own understanding and thought of love. But what brings us all on the same page is the very core idea of love for all of us. It is an emotion so strong and powerful, so beautiful and irresistible, so wild and uncontrolled, yet so inexplicable and beyond reason. More than a feeling, love is, in fact, a decision. A decision to commit ourselves to someone special. A decision to be with someone special who’s committed himself/herself to us. For life! Now the burning question arises – how do you come to that decision? What makes you pick that special someone as a companion for life? What are those deciding factors? Truth be told, there are many, yet the central one that binds it all together remains the same for everyone – falling in love. If you look at it thoughtfully and try to comprehend the term ‘falling in love’ in depth, the most profound conclusion that comes to the fore is, in fact, hidden in the term itself. It’s called ‘falling in love’ because you don’t really force yourself to fall for someone; you just fall. And while you may fall because the other one has a great sense of humor or is a kind-hearted person, but that doesn’t take away the fact that when you are truly smitten with someone, you don’t really look for reasons. You, in fact, start seeing beyond all reasons to be with that person. Interestingly, while this is one side of the coin, the other side makes love a little incomprehensible yet a lot more invaluable. Falling in love is undoubtedly a beautiful feeling, but what makes it all the more alluring is when you begin rising in love after that… when you are sure that you’ve found a true friend, a companion, someone you would love to share the rest of your life with. When you are sure that you’ve found someone who would encourage you to reach great heights in life and celebrate your achievements. When you are sure that you’ve found someone who would be loyal to you throughout. Ticking off all these points helps one come to the right decision when it comes to unfolding an eternal love story. At Desire Date, we totally understand how much this means to you. Thus, we provide you with a platform to take your first few steps with that special someone and see for yourself whether or not you would like to walk the extra mile with him/her. Our unparalleled speed dating event helps connect you to individuals purely keeping your suggestions, interests and future aspirations into consideration. All you have to do is register yourself online with us and begin the process of falling in love to rise in it.