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Speed Dating & Matchmaking | India
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Speed Dating and Matchmaking

Most Trust Worthy Dating Website

Speed Dating and Matchmaking

Most Trust Worthy Speed Dating Website

Small World believes that at a certain age, we wish to have a true friend, a companion with whom we can share our lives. We wish for a special someone to listen to and support us through our decisions in life, to pat us on the back when we achieve things, and to laud our achievements. At the same time, we wish for someone who can tell us the truth and can keep us grounded.

At Small World , we understand how much this means to you, and we present you with a unique experience in your search for that special someone. Our speed dating event helps connect you to individuals that live or work near you.

We understand ‘meeting in person always unfolds a better and beautiful you, before you weave in new threads in your lives’. Our unparalleled speed dating and matchmaking is rational in its approach, matching you with your special someone by taking your suggestions, interests and future aspirations into consideration. Just sit back and relax while we find the perfect person for you.



Small World Speed Dating

We are the trendsetters in presenting speed dating events to our customers. Speed Dating Event is new to many hence, we have made it easy for our audiences to understand through registration, profile screening, matchmaking, and event processes.

Starting from Bangalore (INDIA), in the Speed Dating world, we have introduced and are proud presenters of Worldwide “Speed Dating Challenge”, #speeddatingchallenge is a Small World local and global Initiative. 

Our events are organized at prominent venues of your city and we DO NOT record, photograph, or live-telecast our events. 

We encourage our audiences to share their experience and feedback with us. If you find something interesting which needs our attention, please mail us your thoughts here: help@smallworld.co.in or ping us on our social media.


We present two unmatched Speed Dating experience to our customers.

Speed Datings


Quick conversations, seeking sparks. Brief encounters, hoping for connections. Time ticks, hearts flutter. Speed dating: where love meets efficiency.

Start A date


Eyes meet, smiles spark, words dance. Hearts open, connection ignites, a journey begins. Love’s first steps in a shared moment.

Speed Friending


Speed dating with a twist. Connect based solely on conversation, bypassing visual judgments. Hearts may discover hidden treasures.

Blind Date


Two strangers, hopeful, meet by chance, hearts flutter, conversation flows, sparks ignite, maybe love blossoms—blind date magic.

Blindfolded Talks


Speed dating with a twist. Connect based solely on conversation, bypassing visual judgments. Hearts may discover hidden treasures.

Blindfolded Dinner Date


Two strangers, hopeful, meet by chance, hearts flutter, conversation flows, sparks ignite, maybe love blossoms—blind date magic.

Good Dating Sites in Bangalore

Welcome to Small World, the best place to find the best places to date and things to do in Bangalore. Seeking out fun and intriguing venues is of utmost importance when it comes to meeting new individuals or dedicating time to loved ones. We have curated a collection of pleasurable events and lesser-known treasures for your examination.

Tired of the same? Check out our carefully selected Good Dating Places in Bangalore for a change from everyday life. A diverse range of establishments catering to couples is available, including cozy dining establishments situated in picturesque localities, as well as elevated cafés offering panoramic views of the urban landscape.

Explore the vibrant culture of Bangalore by visiting its museums, art galleries, and historical sites. These establishments provide a day dedicated to learning, exploration, and enjoyment. Engage in a conversation about your interests and emotions while studying the art and history of the city.

Want to meet more people and create friends? Bangalore Local Dating Events change often, so check back. Speed dating, parties, and blindfolded talk dates await every weekend.

Enjoy Bangalore’s offerings with confidence. Don’t worry about the unknown. Join the Small World group right now and start an adventure full of memorable moments and deep friendships. Start looking around right now by going to our website!


Speed Dating is new to many hence, we have made it easy for our customers to understand through registration, profile screening, matchmaking and event processes.

Small World Speed Dating & Matchmaking in 6 easy steps


Speed Dating Registration is free! Registration is required either before or after booking the ticket. It is a process which is helps us know our customers. Your registered detail is confidential with us and is not shared with anyone. 


Desire Date Speed Dating event ticket is available on leading ticketing portals such as Bookmyshow, EventHigh and on our website.


Our matchmakers will read your thoughts about an ideal match, carefully making a note of your preferences. After a standard background check, we will send you a Date-Evening schedule organized at a prominent location in your city. 


We share venue detail with you and our team will receive you at the venue. Our venue is a public place like famous and stylish pub or bar at a prime location in your city. We do consider traffic rush and convenience before finalizing our venue.


It’s the Date-Evening! You will be given your Date-Evening reservation details with a brief introduction of who you will be meeting. At the venue, our team will check you in and take your feedback after 8-10 minutes of your meet.


We will send you match notification within 24 hours. 8-10 min is a perfect amount of time to know if you click with someone. If not, then onto the next Date Evening!

Exchange of communication between you and other participants prior to the speed dating event is entirely through us. No detail is exchanged before or after your meet! Only on a successful match, we exchange your email id with your match.


Who can attend the event?

Small World speed dating events are for Legally Single Individuals (M/F).

Is there any age limit? or age-group?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years of age. Age groups 18-22, 23 – 35, 36 – 45, 46 – 55.

Will I be photographed, filmed or live-telecast at your event?

We DO NOT photograph, record, film or live-telecast our events.

Is there a background check?

Yes, we do perform a background check validating registered professional and social profiles of all new customers and it excludes health or financial history.

Can I pay or register on the door?

No! All the Speed Dating Date-Evening Events are prearranged. Please purchase ticket and register in advance.

What’s Registration?

Small World speed dating event registration is FREE and easy, few quick questions to help you connect with our matchmakers. No need to worry, your provided details are completely secure and confidential with us. Unfoldlove is for registered folks only.

What type of people can I expect to meet?

You will meet eligible single Ladies and Gentlemen from different walks of life.

What if your event is house-full already?

If the event is house-full, then your ticket reserves a seat for our next event. We sell our speed dating event tickets on major ticketing portals hence it happens in a blink.

What details you exchange before and after I meet someone?

No detail is exchanged before or after your meet. Only on a successful match, we exchange your email id with your match!

Who determines Speed Dating Result?

A successful match is mutual when you like a participant and the participant likes you as well. ‘Date-Evening’ Scorecards are the feedback and feedback determines if it is successful ‘match’ for you. You will be notified about the result via an e-mail within 24 hours. On a successful match, we exchange your email id with your match and wish you both all the best.

Where can I purchase Desire Date Speed Dating Event Ticket?

Tickets are available on smallworld.co.in or partnered ticketing portal such as BookMyShow or EventsHigh. *Registration or RSVP is not an event ticket* *Ticket sold is non-transferable.*

Is the ticket refundable?

If because of any unavoidable reason the event gets postponed or canceled, Small World will refund your full ticket money. Please read the refund conditions before your purchase, refund details are mentioned on partnered ticketing portals. Scenario A: No Refund on your cancellation of a confirmed event. Scenario B: If your profile is rejected at Registration, Refund is 50% of the ticket value. Scenario C: If you purchase ticket and cancel within 24 hours, Refund deducts 25% of your ticket value (ticketing processing fee). Scenario D: If you cancel your ticket after 24 hours of purchase, No Refund. Scenario E: If the event is house-full, your ticket reserves a seat for our next event. If you still insist a Refund, refund is 50% of your ticket value. Scenario F: We issue refund on our ticket price and it excludes internet handling fee. Scenario G: All tickets sold are final and cannot be refunded, if unattended due to some emergency, it could be used to attend your next event (if informed in advance). Scenario H: If you purchase a ticket for a particular date and did not Register (before the event schedule), No Refund.

What happens if I do not notify you of a cancellation?

We request our participants to keep up to their commitment. It is embarrassing if you do not show up on your scheduled and confirmed event, especially in front of the participant you were supposed to meet and all the efforts we put in to prepare an event for you.

Can I bring a friend with me?

A friend registered on our platform is always welcome. Please inquire with us about the exclusive BESTIE offer and discount, if you and your friend are planning to attend the event together!

For First Date Salsa, should I be proficient in Salsa Dance Form?

You must be at Salsa Level 2 (minimum).

I don't know Salsa but I want to attend First Date Salsa event?

First Date Salsa is for individuals who are proficient Salsa Artist/Dancer, minimum Salsa Level 2, only.

Where's your Venue?

We value your time and convenience, our chosen venue will be at a public place like famous pub or bar at a prime location in your city. Our event timings will match with their business hours. For example: In Bangalore for Koramangala location we scheduled our events at 1522 Pub which is located in a prime location of Koramangala likewise, for other locations we chose the best and stylish venues.

When does my Date-Evening Ticket gets expired?

Our Date-Evening ticket is simple and easy to understand, expiry is on the purchased event ticket and it’s schedule.

What if I don't have the ability to behave like a lady or gentleman?

It is very disappointing. Our speed dating event attracts many interesting individuals but as they say such is life, no one is perfect. Our participants are our products and we try to know our participants as much as we can. Unfortunately, if any such ill-behaved participant is found in our event, he/she will be banned with immediate effect without any refund. This might make few upset but we cannot compromise our speed dating and matchmaking quality.

How does a profile gets rejected at verification?

If requested details are not provided at registration, then your profile could get rejected at verification. Reason could be: • No or inappropriate authentic Professional URL. • No or inappropriate authentic Social URL. • No or inappropriate detail about ideal match. • No or Unclear Display Picture on requested URL.

What is Speed Dating Challenge?

Starting from Bangalore (INDIA), In the Speed Dating World, Unfoldlove has introduced and are proud presenters of Worldwide “Speed Dating Challenge”, #speeddatingchallenge is an Desire Date Local and Global Initiative. Speed Dating Challenge is a fun challenge for your single friends (M/F) to attend Small World Speed Dating Event.

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